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Employee Benefits Outsourcing

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Create a single-source provider for all your administrative needs associated with your company's employees. This is done through a co-employment relationship.

This relationship allows you to focus on your core business and not on the ever-changing compliance landscape requiring the highly specialized expertise necessary to run a professional human resources department.

You focus “on” the business, while they focus “in” the business.

You focus on clients; they focus on taking care of your benefits administration .

This co-employment model takes care of:

  • Payroll administration and technology
  • Tax Administration
  • Workers compensation and risk management
  • A full suite of health and ancillary benefits
  • Compliance with the dynamic and expanding legislative environment
  • A full suite of human resource services

You get a HR Consultant, Payroll Specialist, Benefits Specialist, Safety Specialist and Account Manager on your team.

This service is available nationally. It requires a minimum of 10 full time employees to begin the process.

Most importantly: They are your employees, you can hire, and you can fire. The co-employment relationship is designed to bring large company benefits to smaller companies. You get the products, servicing and pricing economies once reserved for the fortune 5000 companies.

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