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that hard earned wealth through prudent financial management
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  • There are only two types of lawyers...

    Lawyers who work for clients and lawyers who work for other lawyers.

  • Which one will you be

    …a lawyer who works for other lawyers or a lawyer who works for clients?

  • You can be both, if you have a plan.

Get Known

Be out in your targeted community

Get Branded

Be the obvious expert

Get Hired

Be the solution provider

No matter how great your command of the language is, how great your skills are, how great your knowledge of the law is, and how great your attitude is, it won't make a difference if you have no one to tell your story to.

A website for lawyers and other professionals who want to have some ownership in their career

Let us teach and inspire you to:

  • Identify the distinctions between working in your practice and on your practice
  • Develop business through market segments
  • Understand the importance of a marketing plan
  • Create your brand
  • Understand the difference between marketing and originations
  • Understand the difference between a practice and a business
  • Realize returns on business development investments

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Go from being a lawyer to a law business owner

Being a law business owner is not about having your own firm. It's about having your own clients. Move from law job to law practice to law business owner.

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The Rainmaker Lives Inside of You

Together we will find it. Create and preserve your wealth. You can have it all.



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